final proposal

Because of this class, I have developed a magazine-hoarding problem. My most recent purchase is the Fall 2015 issue of Good “A quarterly journal for the global citizen.” It has a wide variety of content packaged in neatly designed pages with a unified theme. This issue is the fashion issue, and includes artist profiles, a photoshoot on sustainable clothing, and fiction by Aimee Bender called “The Memory Store,” which also fits the clothing theme. I was so enchanted by the menagerie-style curation, the clean aesthetic, and the conscise but quirky writing styles presented that I felt inspired to base my final project off this publication. At this point, I am torn between producing an issue of Good called The Suburban Issue or creating my own publication called Suburbia (or perhaps Suburban Legend) using Good as a design inspiration.IMG_6449

I’m sure the Suburban theme might sound a little curious, but it is something I have wanted to try for a while because I am constantly in the world of a big city, the big glamorous city, when I read glossy magazines. So I thought it might be a little strange to see what it would look like if I applied a high quality magazine aesthetic to places that are a little shabby—to “hole in the wall” stories. Over Thanksgiving Break, I have three interviews set up to work off the multiple profile model Good employs: a former single mom who just quit her 9-5 job to open a traveling vintage boutique called Couture on Tour; a community-adored diner owner who recently received a TV makeover for his restaurant but decided to not uphold any of the menu changes; and a high school drop out who has recently found success in the electrical trade. Depending on how the interviews go, I might end up sticking with one, two, or all three profiles. I plan on using InDesign to input my text and images so that I can have a print magazine.


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