me and all my friends

I doubt I can write in this picture. Similar newness to blogging. Call me a baby blogger.
I doubt I can write in this picture. Similar newness to blogging. Call me a baby blogger.

So far, this blog has been public, because I still can’t be certain of how to make it private retroactively. While I have never blogged before (writing daily about myself reminds me of how my mom used to want a detailed, full day summary after high school, and I used to respond with: “fine.”), having a topic to write towards for this class has made me consider my invisible (certainly nonexistent) audience, especially in my interface. Evans says in his chapter about audience that “[w]e want to create a continuous dream into which our readers can enter, leaving their realities behind for a while” (22). I have sought to achieve this through the white space I’ve used, to create a blankness not unlike the magazine page. If I were reading about magazines, my guess is that I would also be in the mood to read an actual magazine as well.

I thought about, and could still change my mind, a layout with more contrast. However, after I realized I wanted a type of square graphic for the heading and I took that desk-lamp glow picture of some magazines I had lying around, I warmed up to the idea of a softer interface. Later, as I was thinking about my choices for this post, I realized this could be a beneficial thing. Presumably, if someone is reading about magazines, about various stages of their production, then they don’t know as much to begin with. Like me, they are learning. A softer, more dream-like interface feels more accessible to a newer audience. Less intimidating than say, Appetite or blink, which both exude an expert aura. I’m no expert. I’m just a student writing things down. I like to think also that my little pictures for each post adds a zine-y effect, like a snatched out treasure meant for a collage.

Evans quotes Cheryl England, editor of MacAddict about content: “When we first started MacAddict, the audience was, well, me. That’s not very scientific. The best I can say here is to have someone on staff who has a real feel for the person who cares about the subject—and you don’t get this through research studies or other dry things” (35). It is safe to say my audience is currently myself. Writing about a subject I am interested in for me, myself, and I has already led me to a pattern. It feels, so far, like a casual conversation with the magazine spread out in front of me at some café where there is just the right amount of light on the glossed page. That’s how I have imagined things so far. If my audience were to exist, they would be doing a similar thing.


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